Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire


Adventures and roles go hand in hand in this story


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Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire is a remake of the classic Sierra in which the player assumes the role of Spielburg's hero who, after the events of the first game, will have to embark yet again on an dangerous adventure.

The first thing the player will have to do is choose the type of character he wants to play: a warrior, a magician or a thief. Depending on what you choose, your approach to facing different challenges will vary greatly. For example, where a warrior could break into a building and face his enemies head-on, a thief would have to use stealth to sneak in.

The storyline takes place over thirty days, in real time. This means that certain events that are important to the plot will not occur until a certain number of days has passed. So within the open world offered by the game, there is a linear flow to the story.

This remake of the game, unlike the original 1990 launching, has much better graphics that resemble those of later games. At the moment, this is the only part of the saga that has received this kind of a makeover.

Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire is an excellent mix of role-playing and adventure games that, thanks to its new look, is a great game that any fan should try at least once.
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